Winner of the 2023 Book of the Year Award for indie fiction from the Chicago Writer’s Association

Gary Wilson captures the sizzling tensions between married couples like no other writer. Whether plotting each other’s poisoned demise or tempting death by waiting out an oncoming hurricane, Wilson’s characters tangle and bicker, they let longstanding tensions come to a boil. Voices of the small-town Midwest come to life in this riveting collection… Not to be missed!

—Eileen Favorite, prize-winning author and creative writing instructor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago Graham School.

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As the turbulent sixties draw to a close, an inexplicable crime forces two young Americans who are teaching in Africa, and those around them, to confront issues of motivation, culture and belonging.

‘Above all, Wilson’s heartbreaking novel exposes the irony of our country’s continuing desire to benevolently remake the world in one part of the globe while waging war in another and what happens to those trying to make it all work. A tale of identity and the meaning of belonging. The scars we leave behind and the scars we take with us.’ Rita Dragonette, author of The Fourteenth of September

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Gary Wilson’s Getting Right got right to me. It’s smart and funny but, more than anything, it’s achingly honest about family…

—Achy Obejas, editor of Immigrant Voices, 21st Century Stories, and author of the novel Ruins.

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With this debut, readers reading him for the first time will find out what I’ve known for twenty years, that Wilson is one of the best fiction writers around

– Stephen Dixon, internationally renowned and multiple award-winning author of 18 novels and 18 collections of short stories, died in November 2019


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