GR revised front cover 7-15Suppose your more than mildly irritating leech of a sister calls you, as she usually does, wanting money, only this time she says instead that she has cancer and in the course of the conversation challenges you to write the story of her life. You say, sure, you’ll do that but on one condition: you reserve the right to tell her story the way you see it. She reluctantly agrees and Getting Right, is born.

The story evolves into a three-part family saga about not only the dying sister, Connie, but her brother Len as well. And it’s also about “me,” the third sibling and narrator, who spins a story of all their lives through an interplay of memory and imagination. In the end, will “the truth” of Connie’s life—or any of theirs, for that matter—ever be truly known?

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“Gary Wilson’s Getting Right got right to me. It’s smart and funny but, more than anything, it’s achingly honest about family — the hurts that persist no matter how many apologies or how much forgiveness, the unreliability of shared memories, and the constancy of love, imperfect and annoying as it may be. This is a beautiful read.”

Achy Obejas, editor of Immigrant Voices, 21st Century Stories, and author of the novel Ruins